3 Reasons Performing Arts are Important for Society
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3 Reasons Performing Arts are Important for Society


3 Reasons Performing Arts are Important for Society

Art is distinctive from one person to another. For some, it is a source of communication and expression; for others, it is a form of stress buster. Anything from the theatre, painting to music is all a form of art. Whether your indulgence consists of the award-winning musical Hamilton in New York City or attending a rock concert, the importance of art is numerous in society. Towards the end of the 20th century, art and theatre critics expected a decline in the world of art. The constant apprehension about the longevity and survival of different art forms in the world was a cause of concern. However, towards the beginning of the 21st century, the availability of widespread free internet or internet at low costs and the colossal release of TV shows and other society friendly movies has kept the world of art alive. Despite the predictions of critics about the unfashionable existence of art, the genre has managed to carve its way into society. People are considering various art forms like dance, music, painting, theatre and many more, due to the three main reasons:

Self-discovery and expression

Self-discovery is the primary reason people tend to take up various art forms. The very early art colleges in London and Paris, emphasized on the importance of self-expression, emphasizing the need to express emotions in the way of art. Activities like dance, music and theatre can help people discover their interest in certain aspects of art and pursue them. It is also a form of communication for people suffering from disabilities. It is believed that various dance forms help the disabled to communicate to society. Hence, performing arts can help the people in the community discover their interest and also a way of expressing their feelings. In recent times, theatre is also considered as a tool to express and communicate the problems in society.


History and education and Performing Arts

In the 21 century, performing art is not just limited to the classic cities like London and Paris. Every country and every city has a dance, music or theatre class. This shows the evolution of art in society and people’s mind. It is an essential tool that helps us learn the history of the world and of performing arts. For example, the classic theatres like Shakespeare, and Moliere, educates the society about the people in the earlier times and how they reacted to certain situations. Not everybody is a book fanatic in society. Hence, performing these screenplays in the form of art and theatre can educate people about the history of mankind.


Enhances an individual’s creativity

The world stands on creativity, be it in technology or society, without creativity, it is a repressive and tyrannical world. Regularly practicing any form of arts is believed to bring out the creative side of  a person. The importance of having an artist explain the problems of society is numerous. According to studies conducted by numerous biologists, they state that creativity is essential for mankind’s survival, and the world cannot move forward without creative people. Hence, creativity is vital to encourage people to join the party of arts and nurture it for decades to come.

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